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Film Director / 21st Century Content Producer / Conceptualist / Branding Marketing Guru.

Defying categorization. And always reinventing himself – JIM SONZERO is one of the most successful directors in advertising and marketing amassing a diverse and exciting array of skill sets. Sonzero has directed in every category but is known most for his work with celebrities. Sonzero has directed over 200 celebrities from Hollywood to Bollywood. He is an expert at making celebrities look their best and deliver authentic memorable performances across the globe. Sonzero’s knowledge of beauty, skin and hair have made him a much sought after Director with brands like L’oreal, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Maybelline, Cover-Girl, Revlon, Estee-Lauder, and more.

Most recently, Olivia Holt and Eiza Gonzalez for Neutrogena. These contextual videos are so successful on youtube that google uses them as best in class and a tutorial benchmark for influencers. Last year, Sonzero directed Nicole Kidman and Kerry Washington for Neutrogena, airing on the ‘2017 Academy Awards’. With over 10 million viewers watching, Johnson & Johnson trusted Sonzero to deliver.

Sonzero thrives on parachuting into any project, sometimes with little or no prep. He can instantly identify problems and offer multiple solutions to focus a marketing team. Sonzero’s edgy lifestyle work landed him in the driver’s seat of the ‘Levi’s 501’ campaign where he was given the reigns to completely reinvent the classic brand.

In the automotive category, Sonzero created breath-taking work for Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Acura, Lexus, Infinity and Tesla.

The video game industry noticed and soon Sonzero was hired as cinematic director creating dynamic action cinematic scenes for the block buster video game ‘Resident Evil 5’. Sonzero displayed artistry and skill in motion control and visual effects. Sonzero commanded an army of 45 animators in Osaka, Japan on ‘Resident Evil-5’. He commanded a team of 150 animators in San Diego working on block buster ‘Killzone-3’ for SONY.

Feature Film


His storytelling skills shined in his first feature film, ‘War of the Angels’, an intense period drama set in Austria on the last day of World War 2. Winning awards in Austin, Texas and Hollywood festivals.


Soon Miramax enlisted him to direct the horror film ‘Pulse’ starring Kristen Bell, where he pioneered the now popular glitch trend.

In addition to continue to push creativity in marketing campaigns, Sonzero is currently developing his own intellectual properties: a virtual reality mandala based spiritual hypnosis experienceOn the other end of the spectrum, Sonzero has developed an exciting intellectual property in the sci-fi horror blockbuster space called ‘Hell-Hole’.

Jim Sonzero is a ‘21st Century Content Creator’. His vast experience, vision, enthusiasm and his personality makes him one of the most trusted heavy hitter directors in this ever changing media landscape.

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